All-Stars Confusing as Always…

Happy Tuesday to everyone out there on MLBlogs.

Some of you may have been misled by the title of this post. You may be expecting a full-out rant on Bud Selig, the fan-vote, the ridiculousness of the All-Star Game, and of course, a certain Mr. Joey Votto. However, I’ve read enough of these rants in the past few days, and I’m sure you have as well. I know that another one is not needed. And while I’ve read some interesting suggestions for how the All-Star situation can be improved, most of the complaints revolve around the same issues. I agree with most of the complaints, and I support any measures people are taking to change them, but for now there is little we can do. That’s why I plan to focus more on those that are on the team, and why I’m excited for the All-Star break festivities; rather than everything that’s wrong with the ASG and all the outrageous snubs, and players that should have made it. (However, I do believe that Joey Votto exclusion from the game is a matter worth discussing, so you’ll have to bear with a little ranting when I get to that topic)
Since I can’t write about every All-Star, I’ll focus on some picks I find interesting, or those I find most deserving. Today I’ll discuss the AL team, tomorrow the NL. Here goes…
Trevor Cahill, SP, A’s

Cahill has emerged as an ace for the surprise Oakland A’s, a team that’s hanging tough in the AL West, a very competitive division. To me, the selection of Cahill was a surprise as well, partly because I don’t watch much A’s baseball and I had honestly never really 

trevor-cahill-pic.jpgheard of the guy. And while stats never tell the whole story, his are very solid, and he definitely does deserve this spot. However, being the only Oakland player on the ro

ster, I’ve gotta wonder whether his All-Star spot is just meant to comply with the rules (each team
 must be represented) or not. This is not to take away from the honor of being an All-Star, and he seems to be a player deserving, whether it’s for the sake of rules or not.
And here I was, thinking if anyone made it from the A’s it would be Dallas Braden (
although I don’t know if A-Rod and him would even be able to share a dugout together)!
Miguel Cabrera, 1B, Tigers and Justin Morneau, 1B, Twins
There is no doubt Miggy should be an All-Star, that’s for sure. The interesting thing about this is that he’s a guy batting .339 with 20 homers and 70 RBIs, and he’s not a starter. Many would wonder what kind of circumstances would ever cause a player having that kind of season to not be a starter in the ASG. Well, I think the only possible situation where this could happen is if the guy starting in front of you is having a season like Justin Morneau is. Morneau is simply tearing the cover off the ball, batting .344 with 18 homers and 56 RBIs. And while Miggy’s power numbers are slightly higher, I don’t at all disagree with Morneau getting the starting spot here. However, if it happens to come down to an MVP race between these two, and their stats stay similar to what they are now, my vote is with Cabrera, because he both does not have Joe Mauer on his team, and is producing significantly more r
uns than Morneau is. A stellar season for both of them so far.
Matt Thornton, RP, White Sox 
This one seems to be even more of a “complying with the rules” vote than the pick of Cahill. I truly can’t think of any other reason for Thornton to be on the All-Star team other than the rules. He’s a reliever who pitches about an inning in every appearance, and I don’t kno
w enough about the White Sox situation to know whether he’s a setup man or some kind of short middle reliever. He’s picked up 5 saves this year, picking up a few of these in the past week in normal closer Bobby Jenks’s absence from the team. Thornton doesn’t have an abnormally high strikeout rate, or anything else I notice that really makes him stand out, so this pick is kind of a head-scratcher for me. Out of any players on the White Sox that deserve an All-Star bid, I think Paul Konerko is most deserving (he may still make it in with the Final Vote), however there was a pitching spot to fill, and I guess Thornton was the guy for it. Still a little confused on this one…
Derek Jeter, SS, Yankees
Jeter is truly a baseball icon by my standards. Having now made back-to-back All-S
tar games in the latter part of his career, he is really a player to be admired. He continues to produce day in and day out, and is a real iron man among MLB players. I look up to him both on and off the field, as he constantly reminds me why he’s my “favorite” Yankee. He is now headed to Anaheim for his 11th career All-Star game, and shows no signs of stopping 
anytime soon. I wish Jeter the best of luck in the ASG and in the future.
Just not during the division race πŸ™‚
Kevin Youkilis, 1B, Red Sox (Final Vote)

My man Youk is currently one of 5 players (Konerko, Delmon Young, Michael Young, and Nick Swisher) up to make the All-Star team by the Final Vote (voted by fans). According to the latest update, Youk is in the lead, and I am very happy for him, because he really deserves it. However, I’m currently boycotting the Final Vote based on the sugge
stion from my friends over at The Game Above All. That’s right, boycotting. And while I don’t tot
ally agree with all their complaints about the ASG, I do think that they make a good point when suggesting the boycott. Check out their blog to see why, it’s a great read. 
Therefore, I don’t have much to say about Youkilis, other than that he’s having a fantastic season, and has done an especially good job holding the team together in the wake of all the injuries we’ve suffered. I wish him the best in his quest to make the team! 
Tomorrow come my NL All-Star thoughts, but for now, thanks for reading!

Congrats to David Ortiz on his selection to the Homerun Derby! Should be great to see Papi mashing ball after ball in Anaheim.
Also, for those
of you that are interested in the notable AL All-Star snubs, here’s a nice gallery with discussions of some of them.


  1. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Jeff, you’ve got a point, and after I’ve been reading some stuff online it’s evident that the Derby may not be a good idea for players to compete in. Papi says he’s not worried, but I am a little myself. Appparently Girardi doesn’t want Cano to participate for the same reasons.

  2. Jane Heller

    I’m against Cano participating in the derby, but he’s a kid and will probably get knocked out early so maybe it’ll be OK. As for Youkilis, is he OK? I saw he came out of last night’s game with an ankle injury?

  3. raysfanboy

    I’m glad you didn’t rant about the ASG. It seems a little too trendy for people to complain about their players not getting in (though you have a good argument for Youk being in there). Nice breakdown of the guys who did make the team.

    I’m getting excited about Game 3 tonight. I can’t believe that the Rays have taken the first two, but you have to admit, that is how the series has gone this year. Nothin’ but sweeps, except for the 2-game split earlier. It’ll be interesting to see how your guys handle David Price, and vice versa.

  4. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Jane- I am starting to turn against Papi participating as well, but the Derby will lose its magic if no big stars take part. As for Youk, he was in the lineup tonight for the final game against Tampa, so it looks (thankfully) like it was something minor.

    Raysfanboy- Thanks, I feel the same way.
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch the beginning of the game, and things aren’t even close so far. Price isn’t at his best, but he’s struck out 8 of us, so I guess we can’t handle him. And yeah, you guys have owned us this year, it’s true.

    -Fenway Bleacher Creature

  5. wantcredit

    not computer savy..should have had my daughter do this for me at the correct’ what happened to us at a fenway tour on july 3.. from illinois long way from boston..stayed at howard johnson across street from a.c. for 3 days in room..didnt matter to me but my daughter was grouchy as were everybody else…they made good by crediting 1 day.. here’s the gripe..took batting practice tour of stadium…loved it..was going to but didn’t sign green monster as thousands others have near monster seats..remember..didnt escorted my daughter and i out..took tickets for that game..i tried to be cordial as they were walking us out.. outside the gates i yelled at security..talked to head of security Mark on the 7th ( tuesday) asked to be credited for two tickets for the sat. least for my daughters ticket( she did nothing wrong) no answer yet.. feel they should credit both..130 a piece….what do you think? been a red sox fan since 1975.. bout didt go to game on the 4th.. glad i did…for my daughter…email me at redsox7n7@yahoo to comment ..i would love to hear from you.. i will cancel my mlb subscription..not renew my citizenship and never go to fenway again..which may not be there much longer anyway if they dont credit me 260$ probably scalped my tickets and pocketed the money..but head of security should have made it right when i complained.. i can go to white sox see the sox..not fenway if they dont do the right thing

  6. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    redsox7n7- Sorry to hear about all of this, but unfortunately there’s nothing I can really do about any of this. Fenway is a great ballpark and I’m sorry your experience there was an unpleasant one. Good luck with resolving all of this.

  7. angelsgirl012

    i’m quite confused and grumpy myself like i am every year 😦

    It’s hard to see such deserving players left out! It angers me and I feel so bad for them.

    However, I am super excited for it to be held in Anaheim! Everyone in the area is so proud!

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