About Fenway Bleacher Creature

I am a diehard Red Sox fan with the
privilege of being a kid in one of Boston’s best sports eras.
I decided to make this blog to voice my thoughts on the Sox,
as well as talk about anything else on my mind. I like to
claim that I am a bleacher creature, but I can only be one
when opportunities allow me, since I am not a season ticket
holder or anything like that. I hope that many more
succesfull and happy years are in store for this great game,
and I hope that I can live to see some great moments
involving the sport. Thanks all for checking out my blog.
Feel free to give any feedback on how I can improve this-
it’s a work in progress. Come back often! Contact info: If
you have questions, comments, things you think I should write
about, etc. email me at fenwaybc.gmail.com


Baseball, the Red Sox, writing on my blog,
relaxing, basketball