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So most of my wishes from yesterday came true. Here’s a checklist:

-a 1 run or 2 run victory for the Sox: this one worked out even better than I had expected, we won 3-0 and didn’t embarass D-Lowe too much

-a loss for the Yankees: this also worked out great, they lost on an error from who else but Johnny Damon! 

-Big Papi to have a huge rebound game: okay, so not really, he went 1-4, but at least he got a hit

-Jason Bay to have some offensive support: well, he had some support (Drew and Youk both went 1-3, and V-Tek and Green both went 2-3), but he went 0-4 himself; I guess you can’t get it all

and a loss for any other AL East teams would be nice: the Jays lost in extras, and the Rays won, so that worked out all right too

I guess I can say that I’m pretty happy with last night.

Also in the baseball world, what an awesome series going on in Chicago! Although the Cubs are up 2-0, making it appear one-sided, both games have gone into extras and both have been exciting. I have high hopes for game 3 as well.

In the random section of things, yesterday while at a party I tried a Now and Later. It’s a small square shaped candy, that is apparently supposed to taste good. It has got to be one of the most awful attempts at making a good tasting food that I’ve ever seen or tried. Yuck. Does anyone actually like these?