Jerseys Galore!

I was prompted to write this entry because of something overwhelming I noticed today. As I was walking through the halls, and going about my business, I couldn’t help but notice that just about every third kid was wearing some kind of sports jersey or shirt. Although this is not true of every day, it is undeniable that the jersey of your favorite player has become as integral to their sport as the jersey itself. With sports items becoming more and more popular, I thought it would be a cool idea for a blog entry to talk about why I love jerseys and why I think other people do.

Possibly the best part of jerseys is the team support and spirit they allow one to showcase to the world. Wearing the jersey of your team is a sign that you are a true fan, and that you really love your team. It is a matter of pride for many serious fans (and even players).


Wearing a jersey can also bring a sense of comradery and common loyalty to complete strangers. Imagine that you’re at a party with many people you don’t know, and you notice that some guy is wearing the same jersey as you. That’s a great conversation starter, and you may have found yourself a new friend, or at least someone to relate to. I’ve been high-fived by random people on the street on Red Sox gamedays in the Fenway area, just because I’m wearing a Sox jersey. I think one of the best aspects of wearing a jersey is this feeling of friendship and common support of one team that it brings. It is good to know that hundreds of other people are living and dying with the team just like you, and are wearing the same jersey as you.

Jerseys can also show humor and some are very funny. Some popular Red Sox favorites include:

The “BIG PAPI” shirt



Not exactly a jersey, but still an awesome shirt, it stands for Dice-K

One of my favorites, this is what Sox fans always cheer when Youkilis comes up to bat (little quote from “Moneyball” on this one too)

And whether it’s an official replica jersey or not, it doesn’t really matter, because the spirit and support is what counts. But why not discuss comfort, the essential factor in buying any clothing. Although some may not agree, I find jerseys to be some of the comfiest things to wear. There’s always the feeling of pride when wearing a jersey, but they are additionally comfortable to wear. Some of the comfiest items include:

Red Sox slippers

Boston Red Sox HIMO Slippers

Or how about a Red Sox snuggy?

But now I’ve strayed a little from jerseys, so to get back on track and finish up this post, I thought I could share one of my favorite “jersey stories.”

As a little kid, I became a huge Red Sox fan sometime during the 2002-03 season. Throughout my first year of loyalty to the Sox, I longed for a jersey to show my support and make me what I considered an “official member of Red Sox Nation”. It didn’t matter what player it was, I just wanted that Red Sox jersey. Finally, on my birthday (during the offseason, unfortunately), I was counting on receiving the jersey as a present. Trying to not get too excited so that I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t get it, I came to the last present, without having found the jersey in one of those boxes yet. I opened it carefully, trying to hold back my excitement, and when I saw the flash of red and white, I burst into joy and jumped around cheering and holding my new Nomar Garciaparra jersey (it was a good choice on my mom’s part). Who would have ever thought that a simple cloth shirt could bring a smile to a kid’s face.


  1. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    I guess my youtube embedding didn’t work. Little help on how to do this??

    Fenway Bleacher Creature

  2. crzblue2

    That was so sweet what you said in my blog. thanks! Will definitely give a report about the Koufax & Torre event.
    I love my Jackie Robinson jersey! I bought my brother Vic a Nomah jersey this past Christmas. the thing I don’t do anymore is buy current player’s jerseys because you never know if they will leave. The last time I bought a current player jersey was Adrian Beltre and after he left, I said no more. Hey I will go Boston for the Dodger/Red Sox games. Well, I hope to get tickets.

  3. mlbthroughateen

    Hey Fenway Bleacher Creature, nice blog!!! Thanks for commenting on ours!!! Can you help spread the word? We’ll definitely do the same for you.

  4. theheirloom

    Welcome back to blogging! Got your comment off my MLBlog and I *do* remember you! You’re linked from mine, BTW!

    Jerseys! I always have one in my closet. Been a crazy fashion obsession since middle school. Now, it is a requirement to have professional of collegiate sports item in your wardrobe – hence why it’s a global obsession!

    If you looked at my closet, there’s the authentic Red Sox traditional home jersey (#34, of course!), a Vikings jersey (A.P. – not Favre!), and a Wild jersey – plus a few t-shirts (Red Sox, Twins, some college…), hoodies (collegiate, of course) and a new Majestic Therma Base LS shirt (Brewers – they ran out of Twins and Red Sox in my size!).

    I think Matt Tan’s got all of us beat on caps…

  5. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Emma- I’m glad you liked the comment, and no problem. I have always been a huge Nomah fan, I’m glad to see your brother is on the same page. That is a good point about not buying too many current player jerseys because they change teams so often. It’s always wierd to see people at Fenway wearing Foulke, Lowe, or Damon Red Sox jerseys.

    MLB through a teenager’s eyes- Thank you very much. And no problem, I like your blog a lot and I will certainly keep checking it out. I will do my best to spread the word, one tip to help you out would be to leave the link to your blog after your comments, it helps people go to your blog after they see your comment. Also, comment on as many blogs as you can, most are very good and it publicizes your blog nicely. Good luck!

    Randy- Thanks! Thanks for the link as well, I’m kicking myself right now for never linking yours, it deserves it and I’m about to make that happen. It really is a requirement, even non-sports fans have them. Love the Papi jersey and A.P. (thank god, lol). I am a huge hoodie fan too, they are really the perfect sweatshirt. Matt Tan has quite the hat collection, I agree.

    Thanks all for commenting,
    -Fenway Bleacher Creature

  6. kaiserthegreat

    I notice Jerseys, hats, t-shirts, sweaters, bumper stickers ,etc. way more now than I used to. I find it especially funny when you see two “rivals” in the same room. Even if I don’t dig the sport or team someone is displaying, I think it’s cool they are wearing their team proudly. It’s always interesting to see who likes what.

  7. raysrenegade

    I love how ever season when MLB advance media sends out that catalog of clothing and accesories for the baseball fan there are always a great bundle of new items or even updated version of old classic Cooperstown unitofrms.
    But the one that always get me are the baby one-zies that look more like real jerseys some times than the ones each of us purchase and wear to games.
    And the collectible carousel only seems to become a longer ride as more items or replaced items from our sports teams get cut up and glued on a 8X10 frame for purchase as a piece of the “green Monster” or actual dirt from the infield of Fenway Park.
    But that is the stuff we all crave because we can not roll around on the grass daily, or run into that green wall in Leftfield.
    But have not fear, some day in the future there will be a video game system that will transform us into that space out in leftfield and we too can take balls off the wall and chase down hard hit drives into the gap………….but do not forget to hit the cut-off man!

    Rays Renegade

  8. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Kaiser- I always thought that was funny too. Do you remember that commercial (I think it may have been for Mastercard or something) where they showed Red Sox and Yankee fans seeing eachother at an airport, or other awkward rival situations. I always liked that one.

    Rays Renegade- The old Cooperstown uniforms are some of my favorites as well. I have kind of a thing for throwbacks, I guess. Those one-sies sure are cute, lol.
    I remember once when I got to run the bases after a game at Fenway, and I tried to grab some basepath dirt in my hand and collect it for later. It’s always nice to bring back any kind of souvenir from the game!
    I can’t wait for that day, and you’ve got it right on. That is the real beauty of being a fan of sports, and wearing the gear, imagining yourself in the position of the lucky few that get to play baseball for a living.

    -Fenway Bleacher Creature

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