Dare I say… “SWEEP!”

An article today in the New York Times said, referring to the Yankees, “The team that the Red Sox outclassed in recent years is now surging. The Red Sox are not.”

I would agree with this statement about a week ago. But now, as the Red Sox are fresh off a sweep over the Toronto Blue Jays, I have to say that I beg to differ. If anything at all, the Red Sox are surging. And what better time to be surging than heading into a series with the Yankees.

Let’s review the Toronto series. We came into it with the mindset that taking 2/3 games in this series would be a success. While our current Wild-Card rivals, the Rangers, were over in Minnesota fighting in a slightly more difficult series, we could expect to take at least one game against Toronto, a pretty weak team at this stage in the season. However, while we could have played this series with the mindset that we are pretty much ensured at least one game and that we didn’t need to play hard, our boys still played like they meant it.

Our offense was on fire, outscoring the Jays 24-11 in the series, and our pitching was very good as well, holding the Jays to 1 run in each of the last 2 games.

As well as our excellent play, we even saw a little bit of fun in the dugout. Forget the depressed faces of the past few series, we were happy to be winning again. Even some of our more quiet stars shone, and everyone was happy to see this.

J.D. Drew was congratulated in the Red Sox dugout. He had four hits on the day.

I have to say that I am very happy and very proud with the way we played this past series, it seems that we have regained our offensive prowess and are ready to beat our rivals.

In other baseball news, a dead body was found yesterday on the Texas ranch owned by Chipper Jones’ family. Jones’ father says that “the man had entered the country from Mexico illegally and that the extreme heat and drought would have made it difficult for him to survive without food or water.” I found this a kind of wierd story and thought I should mention it…

We enjoyed the luxury of bringing out our own brooms against Toronto, but we have the most crucial series of the year thus far coming up. Let’s get out there and win!!

The Red Sox celebrated their win and three-game sweep of the Blue Jays.


  1. raysrenegade

    I do not understand why the New York paper even have to hype up that series anymore?
    Seriously, we do not hype up any of them, becuase we believe they are all important in the long run.
    You win most of your series, you go to the playoffs…….most of the time.
    I would think any series between both of your teams is an instant sell-out, and an instant attention getter without all the BS hype.
    If you can’t get up for a division rivalry, maybe your baseball team has more to worry about than just wins NY?

    Rays Renegade


  2. Jane Heller

    I agree that the Red Sox seem to be surging, judging by the whipping they gave Toronto (although that 10-9 win was a hair raiser). Both of our teams have a lot to play for this weekend, so it should be a great series. Nerve-wracking but great.


  3. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Julia- I agree, it was a very satisfying performance by our guys. I feel very good about this as well.

    Matthew- Well, I didn’t mean that I expect a sweep vs. the Yanks. That would be awesome, but it is more realistic that it will be a see-saw series, like you said. Nice point there, too.

    TribeTed- That’s a good point you make. I have often felt that way too. Maybe not the most underrated, but he is very underappreciated and underrated. He should be noticed more…

    RaysRenegade- I have also noticed how they’ve just been hyping it nonstop for the past week. Great point, that if you need all this hype to get excited about your fierce rivals, you need to rethink how serious you are about this team. The bottom line is: we need to forget about all the hype and just play ball. Good results will come of that.

    Jane- Yeah, that first game was wierd. Even worse because Beckett started… UH-OH
    I love series like this, don’t you?

    Thanks all for commenting.

  4. raysfanboy

    Wow. I’m sure as good as you were feeling about the sweep, well, you must be feeling that bad now. I saw the Yank loss. Ouch. Those games sting. But, I also think those games can be forgotten pretty quickly too. There is no way your guys are that bad. So I’m sure they’ll come out strong tomorrow.

  5. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Cat- Gosh, a loss already. I hope this series is still interesting for you!

    Raysfanboy- I know I know, that loss absolutely sucked. But we are better than that. We can win, and I have confidence that we will. You guys have a nice little series of your own going on. Good luck.

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