Return of “The Comeback”

 Maybe the boys did some recommended reading…

comeback.jpg…because the comeback was alive and well in Arlington, Texas last night. It is something us Red Sox fans haven’t seen for a while. The last few weeks for us have been depressing, as our guys have struggled to hit when we needed it and we just haven’t been able to come through on several wins we really needed.

Heading into what everyone knew would be an exciting and decisive series with the Rangers, our hopes were high. We knew that beating Texas would be tough, but we were confident we had what it took.

Jon Lester took the mound for us in the first game of the series yesterday. He was facing Kevin Millwood, who has been decent this year. Lester has been our #2 pitcher for most of the season, so we expected him to bring it to set the tone for the rest of the series. One of our problems has been good starting pitching in the last few weeks. Aside from bright points whenever Beckett pitches, we have been unable to really decide things with the quality of our starters.  

Texas got on the scoreboard very quickly, scoring on a 2-run homer by Michael Young as only the 2nd batter. We struggled to even it up until the 6th, making legitimate threats in the 2nd and 4th innings. Finally, Ortiz homered and drove in 2 runs, and just like that, we were back in the game.


Mike Lowell (left) and David Ortiz

A few innings later, going into the 9th inning, the score was 4-2 Rangers, and thus the stage was set for a comeback.

We started off by rallying for one run off of hits by Ortiz, Varitek, and Ellsbury. We were only down one run at this point. Things were starting to change course. With men on 1st and 2nd, Francona made the decision to put pitcher Clay Buchholz in as a pinch runner for V-Tek on 2nd. Pedroia then hit a long fly ball to left field. The ball bounced off the wall as left-fielder David Murphy missed his attempt to leap and catch it. This is where things got interesting. Buchholz, standing on 2nd, thought the ball had been caught. Ellsbury had seen the play and was sprinting from first, so Buchholz quickly rounded third and, sliding headfirst into home, was called out. The baserunning blunder by Buchholz had cost us an out, and things didn’t look so good.  

With 2 outs (the other from a Woodward strikeout), Victor Martinez came up with men on 2nd and 3rd. It was a grim situation. Martinez fought through a grueling 7 pitch at bat before he found one he liked, and doubled to deep right field, scoring both runs! The score was 5-4 Red Sox!

In my opinion, this was one of those times when you really get to know your team. If the Red Sox had just figured they were going to win, and just stopped trying right there, two things may have happened. First, we may have actually won anyway. Maybe Texas wouldn’t have had enough energy left either, and we would have shut them down in the bottom of the 9th. But we also may have lost. Our defense might have come out and started playing without much enthusiasm. After maybe an error, a few missed plays, Texas may have been right back in this game. 

However, we didn’t settle for either of those outcomes. We stayed in the game and rallied for 3 more runs. A 6-run inning!! I learned something valuable about the 2009 Boston Red Sox in that inning: We have what it takes to win.

 All in all, it was a happy night in Red Sox Nation. To top it all off, earlier during the day we acquired shortstop Alex Gonzalez, who played for us in 2006. As many of you probably know, we have been in dire need of a shortstop these past few weeks. Although the acquisition is meant only to be a short-term solution for our shortstop woes, let’s hope Gonzalez is the missing piece of the puzzle for this team to succeed. Welcome back, Alex!

So far so good in this Rangers series. Keep up the good work, boys!


Thanks for reading. (sorry about the wierd font change, not sure why that happened!)


p.s. Tomorrow I’m traveling up to Maine. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog tomorrow, but I should be able to get in at least 2 or 3 entries during this next week.


  1. Jane Heller

    Great comeback win for your guys – especially since they were down to their last out (and their last strike, right?). The Rangers have to feel deflated, so it’ll be interesting to see if they fold today or fight back. Have fun in Maine. It should be beautiful there now!

  2. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Peter- It was crazy: we just kept on scoring!
    It doesn’t look like they’re going to lose right now, but I sure hope their red hot streak cools down before we have to face them.

    Jane- Thanks! Yup, it was 2 outs with a 3-2 count. What an AB by Martinez too! He is looking fantastic right now…
    Thanks, I hope the weather is nice!

    Lisa- It sure was a confidence booster, now let’s see if we can follow through tonight. It’s always a question as to whether a team like the Rangers can bounce back after a loss like last night.

  3. diamondgirl55

    Hey thanks for the comment :] Hehe I know, don’t you HATE sitting around opposing fans? Sheesh! It’s too stressful for me, hehe.
    You know, I’d love for our boys to try really hard to beat the Yankees to help you guys out but man it’s been difficult! It’s ok, we have 2 games left! Cross your fingers for us! :]
    Enjoy your time in Maine!!!!!!

  4. 2yankeeboy

    Aren’t dramatic wins fun!?!?! Well I enjoy them a lot more when they happen for my team but good for you! I don’t see why the Sox picked up Gonzalez though he’s not exactly a great offensive player but whatever theo tried.

  5. southernbelle

    Tex is sure looking like an MVP candidate! I hope he wins. Nice wins for both of us. Comeback wins are great spirit boosters. I hope Sergio Mitre pitches well for the Yankees tonight. I want them to win for me, but even if they don’t, just staring at Mitre is enough of a birthday present!
    Enjoy the beauty of Maine! -Virginia

  6. crazy19canuck

    I think all the AL East teams should gang up and do some serious Yankee voodoo or something! Man, they are just too good. They need to lose some now. Give the rest of us a chance to catch them! Have a great trip to Maine!!

  7. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Julia- AMEN! I agree, it certainly brings back memories…

    Diamondgirl- It can really be annoying. I know that feeling, if your team doesn’t do well the opposing fans are really going to milk it for all it’s worth, especially when they’re in your home stadium. I think you guys can definitely do it. So for the next two games… Go Sox and Go Mariners!!
    I hope the trip is fun…

    2yankeeboy- They really are fun! But you guys have been the “drama club” for the past few weeks, so no need to worry.
    I think the real idea behind it was that Gonzalez was an upgrade as a more all-around skilled player. He is also a huge defensive upgrade over both Lugo and Green. He is a decent hitter too.

    Virginia- I think at this point he has a very good chance of taking the award. We will see how it goes…
    Very funny, Virginia! I guess you’re getting prepped for that best-looking ballplayers post you’ve been talking about? lol…
    Thanks, I think it will be fun.

    Ginny- Have you seen Raysrenegade’s Raymond and Wally video yet? I think they pulled it off pretty well! But yeah, we are all suffering in their shadow.

    Thanks all for the comments.

  8. matttan7

    This team’s sure going somewhere, and this comeback sure proves the Red Sox are still in this AL East Race. I think the division is still within the BoSox reach, but they should take care of their games and then look at the standings later. Victor Martinez has sure been clutch since joining the Red Sox, that’s for sure.

    Matthew Tang

  9. raysfanboy

    You guys had a rough time last night, eh? For every big comeback comes a big letdown (at least that’s what happens with the Rays, anyway). We picked up a game on you to sit 4 out. I’m hoping for the same combo today (sorry) so I can rest a little easier the next few weeks. To sit just 3 out of the wild card would be a perfect position to be in with us fighting the O’s this week and you guys getting the Yanks.

  10. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Matthew- He has definitely been a good addition to the team. We have to have a very strong September to regain the division, and I think that is possible, but right now I can still see us taking the Wild Card without much trouble. I hope that can happen.

    Raysfanboy- Don’t worry it happens to everyone! 🙂
    That would be the perfect scenario for you guys, wouldn’t it!

    Tribeted- No problem. I’ll be sure to check it out.

    TC- Comebacks are great! Yeah, I really liked that picture.

    Thanks all for commenting.

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