The Meter Tells the Tale

parking meter.jpgSometimes when I’m walking by parking meters in the city, I like to look at the time remaining and wonder about the people parked there. What are they doing as the time ticks away, what kind of people are they?

I think that a parking meter ticking away can sometimes be a good metaphor for a baseball team struggling to stay in the race in late summer. Every opportunity a team gets, they must take, whether it is the chance to to move a 1/2 game up the standings or to sign a veteran that just might have that one little skill a team needs to keep the push going. As the time ticks away on the season, fewer and fewer opportunities like these will arise, and it will become more and more important for a team to capitalize on them.

Today, I believe, the Red Sox had an opportunity. We were one game from sweeping the Tigers, which would have been huge heading into a must-win series against our current wild card rivals, the Rangers. There was also, of course an opportunity involving our own division. The Yankees, with baseball’s best record and going strong, are beginning a road series against the Mariners today.

The Yankees, like most teams (including the Red Sox), are stronger at home than away, probably even enforced by how hitter-friendly the new Yankee Stadium is. This is one of the only two series between our next meeting with the Yankees at Fenway, and it is important for us to gain ground on them before we face them. If the Yankees win today, we are back to where we started after their sweep of us, and we have missed out on what could prove to be an important opportunity. If they lose, we are fortunate and things remain the same as they were this morning.

It is a missed opportunity because of the grim afternoon game we suffered through today. Hope was abuzz in the air before the game, the prospects of a sweep alive in many of our players’ faces. Dustin Pedroia looked happy to be enjoying a day off, and he too seemed excited for the possibilities of this game.

Dustin Pedroia enjoyed a rare day off in the dugout.

The Tigers went up 1-0 fairly early on an infield single. They scored once more on a Ryan Raburn homer in the 7th. Clay Buchholz, our starter, pitched a decent game, going 7 innings and allowing 2 runs, only 1 earned. He has definitely showed talent this year, and has definitely been unlucky enough to be given some unfavorable matchups, as well as a fair share of close game losses. His 1-3 record doesn’t really tell the whole story, in my opinion.

Tonight there is reason for excitement for Red Sox fans, as well as baseball fans. I am sure many people in Boston will be tuning in to the Yankees-Mariners game to see how it’s going for us. I am not always one to wish a loss upon another team, but tonight would be the night to do so. Sorry, Jane and others!

There is also excitement in Houston tonight, as Kazuo Matsui needs just one hit to get his 2,000th pro hit. Only 566 have come in the MLB (the others in Japanese pro baseball), but it is a monumental achievement nonetheless. Good luck to him in reaching this goal!

I hope that the missed opportunity for the Red Sox today will turn into a lesson for the team in the future, so that we can turn any upcoming opportunities like it into sucess!

Thanks for reading. 





  1. redsoxmelissa

    I too, am hoping for the Yankees to lose tonight to the Mariners just for the sake that the Red Sox aren’t any further behind the Yankees.

    This afternoon was a missed oppurtunity for the Red Sox, but we also didn’t have Dustin, Youkilis or even Drew.


  2. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Melissa- Unfortunately they won, but we can’t keep hoping for losses from them. We have to focus on our own wins. I’m hopeful we’ll go out and get one today!

    Jeff- I don’t know if Byrd is the answer for anyone! LOL, but we do need to start hitting a little. Time to pay the meter, I guess!

    Ginny- I hope they can as well. And that would be an awesome story if Pedroia could do something like that!

    Thanks everyone for commenting.

  3. southernbelle

    Hi! Well, my Yanks won the first game on the road trip in blowout fashion! 11-1. CC Sabathia went 8 innings and only gave up 1 run on 3 hits. I hope the Yanks can keep it up, but I’m sure you don’t hope so!
    It will be a pennant race all the way to the end. Although a 6.5 game lead is quite cozy, I know things are going to get a lot closer than that! -Virginia

  4. raysrenegade

    The use of the ticking parking meter was a nice set of imagery.
    Just hope your next one doesn’t have a metermaid in it.
    Seriously, time is ticking away fast for people to secure and fortify their chances at the 2009 playoffs.
    Your team has a rough three days ahead of it with a Texas team that can pitch and hit, plus the advantage of that hitter-friendly ballpark.
    Should be an interesting weekend.

    Rays Renegade

  5. Jane Heller

    I really like your analogy of the parking meter. It made me realize that time really is ticking away and we’re heading toward the end of the season. Amazing since it still feels like April and we were all so excited about the first pitch. Anyhow, your series with the Rangers should be action-packed with plenty of offense. Oh, boy!

  6. matttan7

    With the way the AL East is going, I think the Red Sox should just take care of business against the Rangers. I think worrying too much about how the Yankees are doing is more of a distraction so my advice to the Red Sox, just take care of your games and check the standings afterward. The Rays are crawling underneath right now.

    Matthew Tang

  7. ibleedpinstripes

    Verlander was beyond spectacular. Still throwing 99-100 into the 8th… that’s crazy good. Not many teams have the capacity to beat that guy. Think of it this way – Buchholz wasn’t terrible, and he only gave up two runs. If Verlander was having a bad day, the game would’ve been yours without a doubt. And don’t worry – there’s still a good amount of baseball to go!

    – Lisa

  8. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Virginia- C.C. was dominant. It looks like he may be coming full circle as the ace you wanted when you guys signed him. That definitely adds strength to the Yankees!

    Rays Renegade- I hope so too, LOL. Thanks, I thought it was a cool idea for an image.
    I hope we can stifle their offense as much as possible, because it’s hard to shut a team like them down entirely. Good luck to you guys tonight vs. Halladay, that should also be a tough one.

    Jane- Thank you. I also realized that when I was thinking about the meter. I know exactly the feeling you’re talking about, the season certainly flies by!

    Julia- And I am so glad about it! How much do we need a shortstop right now! Hopefully Gonzalez is the missing piece of the puzzle.

    Matthew- I agree. That is the right advice for the team right now. As long as we focus on the game at hand, I think good things will come for us.

    Lisa- Verlander had quite the game, didn’t he! I read that in one of the later innings he threw 19 straight fastballs to retire the side, progressing from 96 mph to 100 by the end of the inning! No need to worry about curves and changeups when you have a fastball that can do that.
    Thanks for the encouragement, it is appreciated.

    Thank you everyone for your comments.

  9. devilabrit

    tough loss yesterday, think the BoSox have some of the bats with anti-ball magnets in them like the Phillies had in the last 2 weeks. Not sure Byrd is going to be much help to you guys, but you never know at this stage in the season who’s going to do what… as for the Yankees hopefully they’ll start a losing streak, its getting boring seeing them win all the time…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  10. raysfanboy

    2 out of 3 ain’t bad. I would settle for 1 win right now. You guys are in for a great series with those Rangers, one I’ll be watching closely. Unfortunately, if the Rays don’t get their act together there will be no reason to care about the wild card down here.

  11. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Peter- Maybe our pitching will start improving too, like yours has!
    I agree, this can’t last forever, right?

    Raysfanboy- This series has been great already after only one game. Glad to see we’re getting a lot of attention from it. Don’t get so disappointed yet. Anything can happen in these last few week, even though it doesn’t look good for you guys.

    Crzblue- It has been a very good season. I hope we still have some great moments to go too!

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