Let’s take a break

Maybe a little break is needed for all fans of the Red Sox. After the painful game 4 loss in Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Bombers have completed their first 4 game sweep at home in 24 years. It was a grim picture in NYC for the Sox, as was well illustrated on the depressed faces of our players.

Home plate umpire Bill Miller calls Jason Varitek out after swinging and missing on a third strike pitch by Andy Pettitte. Pettitte went seven innings, giving up just five hits.

Bard went on to walk A-Rod in five pitches after giving up back-to-back home runs. After that, Red Sox manager Terry Francona had seen enough, pulling the fast-throwing righthander. The Sox bullpen had an ERA of 8.22 in the sweep with 32 base runners in 15.1 innings.

Our boys don’t look so happy about the way they played last night, and for the whole series. Needless to say, no one is really happy about the way we played.

As I was scrolling through these pictures on Boston.com, I noticed some depressing stats as well:

“Brace yourself for these numbers: in the series the Red Sox went 25-142, a .176 average. Boston scored just eight runs on the Yankees and struck out a total of 40 times in four games. They went scoreless for 31 innings and with runners in scoring position the Red Sox batted .079 – 3 for 38.”

As I was trying to keep from screaming, I remembered who we were. We are Red Sox Nation, our motto is “Keep the Faith” and “BELIEVE!” We are the diehard fans who kept that faith and believed in the Red Sox in ’04 and since whenever things looked bad. There’s no way we were going to give up yet, right? Wrong. There was also this poll on Boston.com. With my false belief that as a nation we would not give up yet, I voted for the obvious “Red Sox fan” answer. I must say, the results did shock me.

How are you feeling about the Red Sox?

It’s over. Stick a fork in this team, there’s no playoffs for the Sox. When does Patriots season begin?
It’s OK. This team is still a playoff contender when it’s healthy and this is just a bump in the road to the playoffs.
Total votes: 7586


Okay, so maybe some Yankee fans voted on this, but it made me sad to see what kind of faith we had been keeping.

So today, I want all of you Red Sox fans to take a little break. If you’re feeling really down in the dumps, don’t even turn on the game. If you’re a sports fan, check out some other sports news. It’s a day to recharge and get ready for the final haul to the playoffs ahead of us. Let’s get through the bad times and keep believing and keeping the faith.

“It ain’t over ’till it’s over.”

A special thanks to Julia of Julia’s Rants for giving me the idea to write this (I hope I didn’t steal her thunder too much). As usual she is one of our biggest believers!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Travis

    Yes things have gone badly lately for your BoSox, but trust me…you’re fine. Even IF you are basically done in the AL East race (which you’re not), you still have the wildcard. I know Texas and Tampa are close behind, but neither have the team that you guys have. The Red Sox are still the most complete team in the AL. We all know the Yankees have become choke artists when it comes to the playoffs, so don’t worry about it. You’ll meet them and beat them in the ALCS either way. And besides, you’re still 6-4 against the Yankees this year

    I mean, at least you’re not a Jays fan. Count your lucky stars for that. Trust me, we in Jays Nation are hoping that the Red Sox pound the living hell out of the Yanks. We’re not completely fond of your team, but we like you way more than the Yankees.


  2. Fenway Bleacher Creature


    Yeah, I know we are alright, that’s partly why I was surprised by the results of that poll. No playoffs for the Sox? What were voters thinking! True, true, but that series really altered are season record vs. them! And don’t feel too bad, you aren’t entirely out of it either.


    I agree, wish us luck!


  3. junojen

    Hi there —
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I was saying “Keep the Faith” after the first game. I think others borrowed my theme! And it is the name of my blog…
    Well, get ready for many, many ups and downs with the Red Sox. Surviving the bad times just make the good times that much better.


  4. matttan7

    The Red Sox may have been swept by the Yankees, but they are still good enough. Forget the David Ortiz drug controversy, I think the Red Sox were just not themselves last week, now they can get their groove back at Fenway against the Tigers.

    Matthew Tang

  5. raysfanboy

    I don’t think it is over for the Sox. That is really surprising tha tpeople would vote for that option. They had a rough patch. (secretly, I’m hoping it continues!) I am sure they’ll turn it up a notch (they won tonight) immediately and get back in it.

  6. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Jen- No problem! Yeah, it is a popular theme on here, especially after that series. That’s the way I try to view it too.

    Matt- I agree, we have the talent to keep going, we just needed our rhythm.

    Raysfanboy- For sure it is not ever. I was really surprised too, it is way too early to say that for most teams in the league. Truthfully I wouldn’t mind seeing you guys in the playoffs again, that is over the Yankees!

    Julia- It made me sad too and really surprised me, but at least we have some faithful bloggers right here to keep supporting them.

    Thanks all for commenting!


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