Happy with the SOX

I am going to make a quick entry, so I’ll write about something I can talk about pretty quickly. I would just like to say that I am extremely happy with the Red Sox this year so far, and they have passed all my expectations. With a lot of early surprises and busts, such as the Angels just recently taking first in the division they were predicted to win easily by many, the Rays who made it to the October classic just last year barely holding up third place in the AL East, the surprise Toronto Blue Jays, the MLB best Dodgers… are some examples. It’s great to see the Sox pass a lot of expectations, especially with having to deal with the confusion that has become our pitching rotation. I’m proud of all our guys so far and hope that they can keep it up. For everyone whose team has also passed expectations and overcome hardships so far this year, we can bask in the glory for now, but let’s hope our teams can buckle down and keep up the work in the challenging second half of the season.

And by the way Sox fans, vote for our guys at the All Star ballot on mlb.com.

Go Sox!

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