McCutchen is the man!

This guy is the new star of my fantasy team:

 I had been waiting all year for the Pirates to call him up, keeping track of his progress in the minors, and jumping for joy every time he had a good game. When he was called up on June 5 I grabbed him off the free agent list for my fantasy team. And yeah, he has kinda helped bring my average up to .300 again, after a plunge towards the mendoza line. He’s batting .338, and is currently starting for the Pirates. I hadn’t hoped for this much from him, as I was expecting him to be another Matt Wieters, a highly heralded prospect who has a slow start in the majors. Since I couldn’t nab Wieters and he was actually taken in the draft by someone with a lot more insight than I had expected (I had originally though Wieters would fall through the cracks and I could pick him up easily), I decided to turn to McCutchen as my primary minor league interest. And he’s fast too, with 2 stolen bases and 3 triples in the month. He is putting up stats as good as most of my veteran players and even seems somewhat consistent at this point, and yet he’s owned in only 30% of leagues. It seems like half of my team is like that…

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