Plans A-E for the Sox

Here is a cool chart in the Boston Globe yesterday:


Plan D, the 6 man rotation is definitely not the way to go in my opinion. A starter doesn’t need 5 days of rest (not including off-days) between starts; it means that Beckett, probably our best pitcher pitches less often and guys like Smoltz and Matsuzaka, for whom it is unclear as to whether they will have a good season, don’t get as much in-game playing time and time to improve. Plan B is all right, but penny hasn’t been bad at all, he’s a quality starter. Dice-K to the bullpen (Plan A) would be fine, but I wouldn’t approve of it entirely unless Smoltz can prove that he’s worth the starting spot. Smoltz to the bullpen (Plan E) wouldn’t be bad either, but Dice-K needs to improve as well. Wakefield is doing good so far and I don’t think putting him in the bullpen (Plan C) would be necessary or right. Overall, if we could find a good trade I wouldn’t mind trading Penny, but right now the most appealing of those is either Dice-K or Smoltz to the bullpen. It is too early to decide for either, though.


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