My Fantasy Team

This will be my first post about my fantasy baseball team, hopefully one of more to come. This year I decided to try a head to head league, which is different from rotisserie because each week you compete individually against one person. I am finding myself disliking it a little, because if one is in 5th place out of 10 (as I am), and therefore one spot out of the playoffs, one must be competing with someone else each week, when the real person they need to be competing with is one of the people in the top 4. For example, this week I face the last place team, and am beating him easily so far. However, there is nothing I can do to make anyone in the top 4 lose if I am not directly facing them. Therefore, being out of the top 4 can be frustrating and gives you a feeling of powerlessness. My roster has also really frustrated me this year. I was way too unprepared for the draft, and ended up going with the projections too many times. My starting lineup right now has a bit too much power, the guys mostly providing my offense are Miggy Cabrera, Evan Longoria, Adam Dunn, Nick Johnson, Melky Cabrera and a few others. I haven’t had much trouble with my team average, it has hovered from .280 to .300 all season. My pitching, which was supposed to be an ace staff has also surprised me, because many of the guys I picked up later in the season have become the anchors of my pitching. Joe Saunders, a 30 something round pickup in the draft for me, has become somewhat of a co-ace with Kevin Millwood one of my free agent pickups. CC Sabathia, my 2nd round gamble, had a disappointing April (a trend that has interestingly occured throughout his career) but now seems to be settling in and will easily get anywhere from 15-21 wins. Brandon Webb, another big draft pick, has given me the most trouble. I have declined trade after trade for him in hopes of a strong return, but if that doesn’t happen I will be out of luck.

Enough analysis of my team, though. Here’s an analysis of why a guy who seems to have a pretty good team is still in 5th place: I’m not really having trouble in any of the statistical categories, I haven’t made any stupid trades (in fact, I felt like a genius after trading Chien Mien Wang for Brian Wilson, who is now part of my strong one-two punch of closers), and I haven’t dropped anyone that turned out to be great. My main problem is injuries, and inconsistency. The first week I lost 4-7-1 (the games are scored out of 12 categories), the next I won 6-5-1, then I lost 3-8-1, then won 9-3. Come on, can I just win 2 in a row! I need to find some durable players who are also consistent. I have been trying desperately to get Joe Mauer, who would be a huge upgrade over my current catcher Russell Martin. Although injuries are a risk for him, he is maybe the most consistently good players in the big leagues right now. That’s my strategy right now.


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