MVP and Cy Young Predictions






Will it be a battle between the Sox and the Yanks for the AL MVP?



 It’s always good to be controversial, so I’m just gonna put my views out there on the Cy Young and MVP awards this season and who might win them.


AL MVP Top 3 Candidates

1. Jason Bay (unbiased opinion, I swear)

2. Mark Texeira

3. Joe Mauer (as long as he keeps this up, he could move way up the rankings)

By the way, Miguel Cabrera is right on the edge of the top 3 in my opinion


NL MVP Top 3 Candidates

1. Albert Pujols (I guess you have to go with Pujols right now, his stats are too good, but as many people have said, he does have some support and isn’t carrying his team alone, although the same can be said for Bay)

2. Adrian Gonzalez

3. Raul Ibanez (he also has some good support in Utley, Howard, Werth and others, but he is the best on that team so far, the recent injury may knock him back a bit though)


AL Cy Young Top 3 Candidates

1. Zack Greinke (a guy who also could be a candidate for MVP, right now he has stats that are far too good not to give him the 1 spot)

2. Roy Halladay (the recent injury could push him back, but he is usually a complete game guy who can easily get 20 wins and could keep his ERA in the 2.00-2.80 range)

3. Jered Weaver (right now it’s him because his ERA is #2 in the league and he has 8 wins, only 1 less than my next possible guy, Kevin Slowey; also he and Joe Saunders have done a good job holding up a rotation that has had some real trouble this year; CC is also in the running, but he’ll have to improve his ERA)


NL Cy Young Candidates

1. Matt Cain

2. Dan Haren (Haren could also have taken the 1 spot, because he has really no support with Webb out and the bullpen has collapsed in several of the games he had easily in the bag, which accounts for his not so great 6-4 record right now)

3. Chad Billingsley (it was either him and Santana here, and Billingsley has more wins and a better ERA)

Also an honorable mention to Yovani Gallardo, who has 7 wins and a 2.93 ERA. 


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