Barry Zito

Barry Zito is my favorite baseball player. That’s right, Barry Zito. Many things make this surprising, some of which I am sure come to mind immediately. For one, I am a Red Sox fan, and Zito has never donned the legendary Sox uniform. The Oakland A’s, for whom Zito played for from 2000-06 aren’t even a real rival of the Sox, and play 2-4 series max. against the Sox each year. Zito is not even an extremely talented pitcher. He did win the Cy Young in ’02, going 23-5 with a 2.75 ERA. And yet, even at that time Zito was surprisingly underrated, and not extremely overpublicized. He didn’t get involved in too much big news off field, isn’t really a household name or fan favorite. I don’t even know why I like him. How about another reason why I am probably one of the few that actually calls Zito their favorite player. He is not particularly exciting or fun to watch, yet I am often amazed by him on a good day. Just watching the recap of his start vs. the Cardinals a few weeks back impressed me. His curveball is really impressive, and for a guy that relies on it so much, he can really ring em’ up with that pitch. He is mediocre at best this year, and yet for a few batters on the right day he can look as dominating as Johan Santana. I suppose that is really why I like him, because he’s an guy who’s usually under the radar, because by calling him my favorite player I can be part of a unique few, and because throughout his struggles he is someone that I can enjoy watching and that puts on a good show now and then.


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